Frequently asked questions

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Post Acute Providers

  • If you are still having trouble please email with the following identifiers:
    • Full Business name
    • Full Business Address
    • Referral Source (hospital)
    • Referral Number
Any member of your team can add you under Manage My team on their profile.
If no one on your team has access click the following link
The passphrase is no longer active if the time frame to respond is no longer open.
The goal of your hospital partners is to open competition among providers to find the best option for their patients.  In order to ensure that all providers have time to respond, the sender of your referral has the ability to set a time frame for your response.  Once the time frame has ended you will no longer have access to the referral until the patient makes a final choice.


As a reminder, Aidin emails you 10 days before your password is deactivated. Please pay attention to those emails as passwords must be reset every 90 days as per HIPAA regulations.

Please email to have your profile account reactivated.

An Aidin team member will be calling you 30 days after your hospital visit to gather your feedback on the care you received after you left the hospital.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Aidin will help you meet the new requirements in the IMPACT Act while saving your team time and reducing inpatient length of stay.

Aidin is completely different than existing referral systems. Aidin does not function as a marketing tool for providers. Aidin is the only solution that makes your providers compete for your patients based on your quality and satisfaction goals.

Aidin integrates with all versions of Cerner, Epic, McKesson and Meditech.

Aidin implementations typically take 8 to 12 weeks.