How Aidin works

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Make care transitions work for you.

Aidin transforms care transitions to make them more efficient, collaborative and patient-friendly. We use technology to create open competition, put quality first and help everyone earn their reputation.

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Post a Referral

Health system case managers Log In to post referrals for patients transitioning to new levels of care.

With an email address or a fax machine, case managers securely load patient details - clinical, demographic and payor.

Access Aidin's custom Windows Print Driver to "print" records securely to Aidin referrals from any Windows machine and program, including EMRs. Enterprise subscriptions include ADT feed support. For fax only access, contact us to request an Expedited by Aidin cover sheet.

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Invite Trusted Partners to Review Your Case

To find the providers best suited for each patient, case managers trust Aidin Badges to identify the right providers based on their verified past behavior, outcomes and preferences. 

Case managers can also set 'house rules' to automatically and dynamically build networks of providers based on real-time readmissions results, patient satisfaction, Medicare Stars and more.

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Respond before the Deadline

Passphrases grant partner providers and health plans instant access to your referral - but require responses before the deadline.

Contact partners over existing channels - via fax, email and text. Aidin automatically sends reminders and captures responses online or over fax. Collaborate with health plans on eligibility, auth and utilization review.

Standard universal workflows put you and your partners in lock-step to coordinate authorization, provider search and clinical review, patient choice, post-discharge care plan management and patient updates and unlock faster discharges to better providers.

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Patients and Families Choose

Patients choose from all available providers after comparing provider Aidin Badges for quality, satisfaction, timeliness to home - along with location info, pictures and reviews.

Unleashing true competition for Patient Choice incentivizes your providers to earn the Badges most important to you and your patients. With the security of an optimized workflow,  you can unleash patients to exercise true consumer choice to reward providers based on their earned reputation.

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A Healthy Healthcare Marketplace

Aidin is home for case managers who need secure patient data universally accessible to provider and health plan partners. Built-in workflows organize patient transition tasks and let you set the pace. Transparency and accountability encourage providers to build their reputation with you and your patients.

Enabling a healthy healthcare community: everyone has a reason to care about care transitions. Lead your community to the care transition community your patients and partners deserve.

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