Our story

We all have a reason to care about care transitions. This is mine.

When my uncle was struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s, he was constantly transitioning from hospital beds to nursing home units to home health nurses. Choosing whom to trust with my uncle’s well-being was difficult because the most important information was missing – who was covered by insurance, who did the doctors recommend, who could offer him care, how did they perform, what did previous patients have to say?




Our story is not unique. But transitioning patients from one healthcare setting to another is the unique moment when patients and families, healthcare providers, and insurance companies all have a say. With healthcare costs high, outcomes low, and patient frustration and complexity peaking: it’s time to make these care transitions work for us, not against us.

Aidin is different.

At Aidin, we know that perfecting care transitions can improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. We are a small team collaborating with select clients to show how aligning care transitions is the healthtech innovation to galvanize community-wide quality and cost improvement.

Aidin harnesses the power of the marketplace to help patients choose payor-approved high-quality healthcare providers who earn and compete on their reputation.

Sign up today to build your reputation and find new referral sources. If you are an enterprise leader, please Contact Us so we can share more about our partnerships with pioneer health systems and health plans to introduce a collaborative approach to align patient transition tasks with your strategy.

Thank you for learning about our life’s work.


— Russ Graney, CEO and Founder
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