Our Story

Our story is probably a lot like yours. If paperwork and confusion have clouded your healthcare experience, you may be upset to know the scale of the clinical, life-or-death, consequences of those administrative transactions.

Simple things - like requesting your medical record, or sharing it or signing it, or finding and booking available authorized providers - clog the pipelines between healthcare systems, payers, and their patients. Like you, we found in our personal healthcare experiences that these chores overshadowed the caring and healing we received.

We have envisioned a better way to manage our healthcare paperwork. Aidin connects you directly and universally with your tens, or thousands, or millions of healthcare partners, no matter who, or where, or how they do their paperwork. And with each connection, Aidin builds a rich timeline of the healthcare journeys of all the patients you manage in your practice, on your unit, or in your family.

When it comes to your health, you can't wait for someone else to fix it. You have to take the lead. That's why we left big offices and boardrooms to build a platform that puts you in the pilot seat for your healthcare communications.


A thriving healthcare community that works for everyone.


To defragment the healthcare ecosystem with a platform that connects providers, patients & payers, and produces better outcomes

 - Automate and make secure all inter-entity communications
 - Learn and adapt with every connection


At Aidin, we follow the “doers.”
 - Doers know what’s not working.
 - Doers work together all day to make things happen.
 - Doers hold the power to reconfigure healthcare to work for everyone.

Our People


Aidin Q2 2020 Community Call

11 September 2020

Aidin Q2 2020 Community Call: Post COVID-19

Join the Aidin team and all community partners for a discussion on how hospitals and post acute providers are preparing for the new reality post COVID-19. Precautions hospitals, communities and providers are taking to prepare for the second wave

Aidin Q1 2020 Community Call

27 March 2020

Aidin Q1 2020 Community Call: COVID-19

Join the Aidin team and all community partners for a discussion on COVID-19 precautions and impact to the post acute market

Aidin Q4 2020 Community Call

06 December 2020

Aidin Q4 2020 Community Call: Impact Act Regulations

Introducing - Aidin Community Call! Join us for the official launch of the Aidin community, a platform wherein all Aidin partners can gather and share best practices on all things post acute placement related. This call we will be focusing on IMPACT Act Regulations, how Aidin can support and how all institutions are getting ready for this