Better Outcomes for Hospitals + Health Systems

Better Outcomes for Hospitals + Health Systems

Create capacity and maximize staff efficiency with a seamless platform that adds structure and transparency to daily workflows and communications.


days In LOS reduction


Cost savings per hospital, per year


Healthcare spend directed to high quality care

Reduce LOS + increase capacity

Lengthy and unnecessary hospital stays create capacity challenges for healthcare systems across the country. Adding structure and transparency to the acute care transition process helps hospitals reduce length of stay and readmissions without adding additional resources or staff.

  • Assignment alerts

    Reduce costly delays and optimize your daily workflows with real-time alerts of incomplete tasks and overdue assignments.

  • Patient checklists

    View daily to-do lists per patient and assign tasks to appropriate staff.

  • Referral marketplace

    Auction and bid on referral opportunities in an innovative online marketplace to secure the best post-acute care for your patients.

Remove roadblocks + improve ROI

Fragmented care systems create a tangled web of paperwork and time-consuming tasks that negatively impact your bottom line. Centralizing the case management process helps hospitals reduce operational costs and improve financial outcomes across the care continuum.

  • Communication management

    Monitor all of your inbound and outbound requests, referrals, and daily documentation with patients and providers.

  • Quality transparency

    Find and secure the highest-quality providers that are best suited to meet your patients’ needs.

  • Performance-based partnerships

    Aidin works closely with healthcare systems to create care partnerships that are powered by performance and trust.

Join an optimized care community

Aidin is more than just a healthcare workflow tool. It’s an open-access care community where providers, payors, and patients work together to share secure information and improve outcomes for all.

  • Value-based care

    Manage care-contingent payments and gain recognition for responsiveness, reliability and care quality.

  • Custom partner networks

    Revolutionize the care transition process and elevate proven partners to the top of search results and patient choice lists.

  • Competitive analysis

    Tap into underserved needs and get valuable insights about how transparency and open competition can inform your growth strategy.

  • Linda Kulhanek

    Houston Methodist Hospital

    “Aidin helped us completely rethink our relationship with the post-acute market. By creating healthy auctions for each care transition we quickly achieved our financial and quality goals.”

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