Faster workflows for Frontline Administrators

Faster workflows for Frontline Administrators

Save significant staff time and improve patient outcomes by consolidating all of your requests, documents, and daily workflows in one seamless communication hub.


of patients choose the highest quality providers when using Aidin compared to 20% nationally


Increase in staff efficiency


Staff time reduction to place patients

Remove roadblocks + improve productivity

Frontline staff go above and beyond to help their patients, but increased responsibilities and daily workflow management get in the way of essential care. Consolidating all of your documents and conversations in one seamless workflow platform helps staff spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working at the top of their licensure.

  • Referral + authorization requests

    Manage your active referrals and monitor every authorization request to prevent denials and delays.

  • Document tracking

    Keep track of all of your paperwork and seamlessly send and receive authorizations, referrals, denials and signature requests with the click of a button.

  • EMR systems

    Improve staff efficiency with seamless integration and single sign-on from all EMR systems.

Reduce delays + increase transparency

The tangled web of phone calls, digital requests, and faxes create a disparate system that wastes significant staff time. Aidin helps you monitor and manage all of your workflows and communications in one secure platform.

  • Instant messaging

    Send secure, HIPAA compliant chats and instantly share patient details with anyone in your care community.

  • Activity tracking

    Create consolidated digital records and track hand-offs between staff members.

  • Document reader

    Sort incoming documents from faxes or emails and assign them to patients or requests.

More options + better outcomes

When patients are transitioned to sub-par providers that aren’t suited to fit their needs, it creates a costly cycle of re-injury and readmission. Aidin helps you quickly find the highest-rated care partners and instantly send and receive referrals, while remaining 100% compliant with Impact Act regulations.

  • Patient checklists

    View daily to-do lists per patient to help staff prioritize their time and focus their efforts.

  • Referral marketplace

    Find and secure the best services for your patients by allowing providers to compete for your referral in a digital auction environment.

  • Badge reward system

    Community members can earn digital badges for responsiveness, reliability and quality of care.

Join an optimized care community

Aidin is more than just a workflow management tool. It’s an open-access care community where providers, payors, and patients work together to share secure information and improve outcomes for all.

  • Value-based care

    Manage care-contingent payments and gain recognition for responsiveness, reliability and care quality.

  • Custom partner networks

    Revolutionize the care transition process and elevate proven partners to the top of search results and patient choice lists.

  • Competitive analysis

    Tap into underserved needs and get valuable insights about how transparency and open competition can inform your growth strategy.

  • Kerrie S.

    System Manager, Post-Acute Transitions, Edward Elmhurst Hospital

    "When you look at the number of providers offering care in Aidin, that has been really helpful to us, because instead of a patient having 1-2 choices, they’re getting 4 or 5 quality options of where they can go. The patients have really enjoyed it.”

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