Software for Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Software for Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Lower readmission rates while prioritizing care and operational performance with the support of streamlined healthcare workflows.

Ensure profitability and save on hospital readmission costs

Avoid the negative effects of excess hospital readmissions

To reduce the likelihood that patients will return to the hospital for further care, patients, providers and post-acute facilities must have access to data within an optimized care community. With this information at hand, there are immediate operational and savings benefits.

Leverage best practices to minimize hospital readmissions

Employ strategies to reduce readmission rates

There are several ways that hospitals can reduce their readmission rates. Aidin’s external relationship manager offers capabilities that correlate with best practices to prevent hospital readmissions.

With Aidin, you can help your hospital system save significant staff time and reduce patient readmissions by consolidating all of your requests, documents, and daily workflows in one seamless communication hub.

  • Automate Communication Between Care Teams and Patients

    Aidin empowers patients to choose the best medical care for themselves and filter based on facility rankings on responsiveness, quality of care and reliability.

  • Centralize Case Manager Process

    Aidin houses workflows and data to promote operational efficiencies.

  • Find the Best Providers to Manage Post-Acute Care

    Aidin’s referral marketplace gives case managers access to customized networks to build partnerships with outside healthcare organizations.

Reduce Readmissions and Increase Efficiency with Aidin

Our software can help your healthcare organization create capacity and maximize staff efficiency.

  • Improved Communication Between Care Teams

    Reduces time consuming and expensive operational inefficiencies by centralizing the case management process. Combined with improved communication management within your care community, providers and case managers can organize potential partners based on patients’ needs.

  • Referral Marketplace Helps Patients Find Quality Care

    Open market approach gives patients more choice to determine their ideal care, case managers more visibility to available post-acute providers, and healthcare systems with transparency around performance data. Providers with low readmission rates will be rewarded with higher reimbursements and a consistent flow of referrals. Through the structure of the referral marketplace, healthcare systems can filter potential partners by proof of quality care, ensuring they’re building valuable relationships with other providers.

  • Manage Hospital Capacity and Reduce Readmissions

    Alleviates capacity challenges caused by increased length of stay and hospital readmissions. Improved workflows, assignment alerts, and patient checklists adds much needed structure to the acute care transition process.

Benefits and Features

According to a recent study published in PubMed, the annual cost of readmissions to the US healthcare system is approximately $17.4 billion a year. In order to remain profitable and competitive, hospital systems should consider utilizing a digital health platform like Aidin to streamline case managers’ workflows while increasing capacity and revenue.

Aidin adds structure and transparency to daily workflows and communications, helping your organization reduce readmission rates.


    Referral and authorization requests enter providers’ electronic health record system – a single, seamless, and centralized digital platform.


    Our comprehensive digital platform enables document sharing, timeline creation, prompts, and efficient collaboration via fax, text, and online communication


    Case managers can organize data and patient information, track processes, and pinpoint delays.


    Stakeholders (including providers, health plans, and their partners) are held accountable and rewarded when working in a timeline manner.

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What are the benefits of reducing hospital readmissions?

There are several benefits that come from reducing hospital readmissions, including but not limited to:

  • Increased profitability for your healthcare organization.
  • Reduced costs and a decreased chance of penalties from CMS and other insurers.
  • Improved standard of care for patients by keeping the patient at home. [2]

How do readmission rates affect in-patient revenue?

Readmissions have a negative impact on revenue, due to penalties charged by CMS and other payers. [3]

All-in-one software for an all-for-one care community.

Find out how Aidin can support operational efficiency and promote financial viability within your hospital system.