Software to Enhance the Prior Authorization Process

Software to Enhance the Prior Authorization Process

Create a faster, more effective prior authorization process that benefits physicians, staff, and patients alike.

The Authorization Process Is Time-Consuming & Resource-Heavy


of physicians describe the burden of manual (phone, fax, or email) processes as high or extremely high

16 Hours

the average time physicians & staff spend on the authorization process, completing over 401 prior authorizations a week

2 in 5

physicians have staff dedicated to working exclusively on prior authorization

Boost Hospital Capacity and Improve Care Transitions

Streamline the Authorization Process for Physicians, Staff, and Patients

Authorization is a necessary yet arduous aspect of healthcare today. Outdated processes negatively impact physicians and their staff. An effective prior authorization process can have direct and immediate benefits to your healthcare organization. When your team can focus on creating optimal care transitions, you make healthcare more manageable.

  • Reduce Delays in Treatment

    Nearly eight in 101 physicians (79%) say that the administrative process often or always delays access to necessary care.

  • Reduce Treatment Abandonment

    79%1 of physicians report that issues related to prior authorization can lead to patients abandoning their recommended course of treatment

  • Reduce Serious Adverse Events

    30%1 of physicians report that prior authorization has led to a serious adverse event for a patient in their care.

    Source: “2020 AMA Prior Authorization (PA) Physician Survey.” American Medical Association

Advanced Prior Authorization Solutions

With an estimated 182 million prior authorization transactions processed per year according to the Medical Group Management Association (source: MGMA), it is easy to see that workflow issues can arise based on sheer volume alone.

To address these challenges at scale, you need an advanced software platform, designed by experts in medical prior authorization. Aidin’s modern prior authorization solution helps physicians and care teams expedite authorization.


    Referral and authorization requests enter providers’ electronic health record system – a single, seamless, and centralized digital platform.


    Our comprehensive digital platform enables document sharing, timeline creation, prompts, and efficient collaboration via fax, text, and online communication.


    Case managers can organize data and patient information, track processes, and pinpoint delays.


    Stakeholders (including providers, health plans, and their partners) are held accountable and rewarded when working in a timeline manner.

Advanced Tech to Optimize Prior Auth Workflows

At least 87% of providers use a manual system to process and follow-up on prior authorizations. According to the 2019 CAQH Index, only 13% of healthcare participants are using advanced automation solutions available today, which means that the vast majority are still using phones, faxes, and other outdated manual modes to transmit their requests to insurance payers.

A software system designed to accelerate prior authorizations (PAs) thanks to its streamlined communication platform.

Gain efficiency in daily prior authorization workflows with tools designed for the case managers and clinicians that utilize them.

Eliminate wasted hours navigating follow-ups, prior authorization appeals, and changes or updates.

Reduce claim and request denials and rejections to improve the patient experience and reduce migration/abandonment.

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How long does prior authorization take?

In traditional models, a prior authorization can take days, sometimes weeks for confirmation. Aidin’s unified system helps shorten that time horizon dramatically with electronic technology that integrates requests with providers’ electronic health record systems.

Who is responsible for requesting prior authorization?

Typically, prior authorization is managed by case managers who have to track every step of the processes to ensure delays are identified and resolved Quickly. Aidin’s platform provides all stakeholders, including providers, health plans and their partners, increased visibility, real-time notifications, and a modern alternative to fax and mail communications.

Who is impacted by prior authorization?

Prior authorization processes impact physicians, staff, and patients. Delays related to prior authorization can negatively impact care transitions and affect the long-term operational success of hospitals and health systems.

Why do insurance companies need prior authorization?

In order to ensure that their services are being used correctly, the process of prior authorization improves the entire healthcare ecosystem by reducing wasted resources.

One platform. Many purposes.

Learn more about how Aidin can help you achieve faster and more effective prior authorization processes.