Let’s put the care back in healthcare

Let’s put the care back in healthcare

Instead of waiting for someone else to step up and solve healthcare’s biggest challenges, we rolled up our sleeves and created a better way to connect patients, payers, and care providers.

We help the people who help people

Our mission

Scattered systems and endless paperwork have overworked the healthcare experience, with risky and costly consequences for patients and providers alike. Even simple requests like sharing medical records or securing quality care partners can clog up the entire care pipeline. 

We are on a mission to defragment the healthcare ecosystem with a seamless digital platform that transforms healthcare for good and improves outcomes for all.

We put the doers in the driver’s seat

Our Story

Our effortless digital tools help frontline workers do what they do best: take care of patients. We know from experience that the healthcare industry was long overdue for new ways to adapt to its ever-evolving needs. 

That’s why we stepped up to build a platform that lets you take control of your healthcare workflow and connect your patients to the best providers possible.

We believe reputations are earned

Our values

Trust is the foundation of healthcare. Patients must trust their providers who trust their partners who trust their payors. When this cycle is damaged, the entire system suffers.

We know that technology can help, but only if it results in better care and outcomes for every piece of the healthcare puzzle. Our platform provides a long-sought solution for patients and the frontline workers who care for them.

Our Impact


Monthly active users


Healthcare spend directed to high quality providers


Average reduction in acute length of stay

Russ Graney


Aidin’s founder and CEO began his career at Bain & Company in New York working with Fortune 50 companies in tech, finance, and consumer products. His first venture in 2009, a charter elementary school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, today serves over 600 students every year.

In 2011, Russ led the sale of his private equity firm’s largest investment, a case management services company. Russ left PE to build Aidin when his uncle was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s.

He is originally from Fairfax, VA and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College. He now lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

James Dempsey


James joined Aidin in 2013 as a software engineer after a career in Information Technology. He believes that the internet–when used properly–can help humans flourish in unprecedented ways. In his (limited) free time, he enjoys bouldering and rifling through record store bargain bins. He’s from Connecticut, an alum of its University, and a resident of Long Island City, NY.

Akanksha Karwar


Akanksha is a passionate people person who cares deeply about fixing healthcare for both providers and patients. She joined Aidin in 2019 as the leader of our Client Success initiatives. 

Before Aidin, Akanksha worked in healthcare consulting at Huron Consulting Group and General Electric (GE), where she spent six years working with hospitals across the country on health technology, case management, and supply chain improvement.

She is a proud Rutgers and Dartmouth alumna who hails from Parsippany, NJ and currently lives in West New York, NJ.

Carl Scott


Carl joined Aidin in 2020 as the Technical Project Manager after over a decade as a lead software engineer. His work in the startup space has afforded him the opportunity to make direct impacts across the globe in the worlds of retail, hospitality, art, science, conservation, education, and health care.

In his free time, he enjoys exploring new technology, spending time outdoors, and catching a good movie.

He is originally from Richmond, VA and graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where he now resides.

The proof is in the platform

Our platform is proven to help healthcare teams increase ROI, reduce LOS and readmissions, and streamline the care transition process.

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If you believe that “good enough” is not good enough for the care community, you’re in good company. Join us and let’s transform healthcare together.