Jenni Leininger: A Guiding Light in Case Management

  • Jenni Leininger

    RN Transitional Care Manager, St. Vincent Healthcare

    "Case managers have to remember it's okay not to know everything. Case management often involves navigating the gray areas where solutions are not always black and white."

Editor’s note: We’re excited to honor Jenni Leininger as an #AidinCMspotlight award winner. The #AidinCMspotlight award was created to celebrate case managers positively impacting their communities, patients’ lives, and organizations. If you know a deserving case manager who deserves some recognition, please consider nominating them here.


In the dynamic realm of healthcare, individuals like Jenni Leininger emerge as beacons of compassion and expertise. A winner of the #AidinCMspotlight award, Jenni, an RN Transitional Care Manager at St. Vincent Healthcare (part of Intermountain Health), brings over 9 years of invaluable experience to the forefront. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jenni and are happy to share some of her inspiring journey, notable achievements, and the impact she’s had on both her organization and the patients she helps.

Jenni’s nomination

Nina Marinello, manager of transitional care managers at Intermountain Health, nominated Jenni for the #AidinCMspotlight. Nina noted in her submission that Jenni’s triage skills, dedication to health equity, and exceptional patient support through care transitions make her a deserving recipient.

Jenni’s career journey

With a 15-year tenure as a registered nurse, Jenni’s journey began with a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Montana State University. Her career trajectory led her through various roles, from Ortho/Neuro Trauma and Charge Nurse to embracing the diverse responsibilities of case management. Having worn many hats, including leadership roles and advisory positions, Jenni has become a versatile and empathetic care management professional.

Her love for case management

Jenni’s foray into case management was sparked by encountering an inspirational care manager during her work on the Ortho, Neuro, and Urology surgical floors. Witnessing the relentless advocacy for patients’ success post-discharge, she found a calling to make a similar impact, propelling her into the world of case management.

What Jenni loves most about case management is the ability to aid patients at their most vulnerable moments. Her commitment to supporting individuals during challenging times underscores the essence of true care management.

Making an impact through case management

A testament to Jenni’s effectiveness as a care manager is the positive feedback she receives from patients and their families. Knowing that her assistance and empathy have enhanced hospital stays and overall outcomes stands out as a source of pride for Jenni.

Jenni’s impact on her organization is tangible, with a focus on reducing unnecessary readmissions. Her strategic approach and commitment to improving patient outcomes contribute significantly to the overall success of the healthcare institution.

She takes immense pride in improving patient outcomes. Her dedication to navigating the complexities of patient care has resulted in measurable positive impacts on the individuals she serves.

Future aspirations

Looking ahead, Jenni envisions pursuing a master’s in nursing or healthcare administration, aiming to deepen her knowledge and contribute further to the field.

Case management insights

For those embarking on a career in case management, Jenni’s advice is clear: “It’s okay not to know everything. Case management often involves navigating the gray areas where solutions are not always black and white.”

Through her experiences, Jenni emphasizes that challenging scenarios often yield the most valuable lessons, leading to fruitful outcomes in patient care.

Case management challenges & hot topics

Case management has no shortage of challenges like every career path and role. For case management to continue making a meaningful impact, Jenni advocates for increased access to mental healthcare and challenges the stigma surrounding care management as an easy job. She believes in showcasing the complexities involved in the profession so those can be faced head-on.

Beyond work

In her spare time, Jenni cherishes making memories with her husband and two children, Nixon and June. Family outings and shared experiences add balance to her life.

One of her favorite quotes is “The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome.” Jenni notes that this quote resonates with her as it encapsulates the essence of courage in the face of uncertainty—a quality she brings to her role in care management.

Closing thoughts

Jenni Leininger’s journey in care management is an inspiring narrative of dedication, empathy, and a commitment to making a positive impact. As an #AidinCMspotlight winner, she exemplifies the spirit of excellence and compassion that defines outstanding care managers.