The Washington Times: patient portals

Akanksha Karwar, Aidin’s COO, recently shared insights with The Washington Times’ Sean Salai on patient portals – how they can benefit healthcare organizations and important aspects to consider:

“The advantages of providing the data directly to patients include increased records transparency and the automation of tasks that would otherwise require human staff,” said Akanksha Karwar, chief operating officer at Aidin, a New York-based healthcare technology company.

“There was a trend toward digitization of healthcare prior to 2020, but the pandemic accelerated the adoption of that trend,” Ms. Karwar said in an email. “You couldn’t have people picking up COVID test results in person, risking the lives of others, and you didn’t have enough personnel to dedicate to calling with test results, so patient portals and testing portals all became a necessity. The piece that’s missing is that a large majority of the patients accessing these results are from a population where technical proficiency isn’t high.”

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