• Paul Jeffrey Borja

    Director of Care Management, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial Hospital

    “As Case Managers, we do things that we never knew we could do on a daily basis. We make the impossible possible. This is possible only with the help of every discipline we come in contact with, the local agencies, and support groups. Without them, none of these things would be possible.”

Editor’s note: We’re excited to honor Paul Jeffrey Borja as an #AidinCMspotlight award winner. The #AidinCMspotlight award was created to celebrate case managers positively impacting their communities, patients’ lives, and organizations. If you know a deserving case manager who deserves some recognition, please consider nominating them here.

In the bustling healthcare landscape, where unsung heroes navigate the intricacies of patient care, Paul Jeffrey Borja stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedicated case management. Awarded the #AidinCMspotlight, Paul, the Director of Care Management at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial Hospital, boasts a remarkable 13-year journey in the field. We share some insights, achievements, and aspirations that make him a shining star in case management.

Paul’s career journey

With a robust 18-year background in healthcare, Paul’s 13-year journey in case management reflects a deep commitment to bridging gaps in care coordination. Armed with a doctorate in nursing and specialized leadership and case management certifications, Paul’s diverse experience spans skilled nursing facilities, health plans, home health, nursing education, and acute care hospitals.

Why case management?

Paul’s journey into case management was fueled by personal experiences as a recipient of care. Witnessing disparities and uncoordinated care, he chose to be part of the solution, addressing the challenges head-on. His unwavering dedication to bridging gaps and ensuring coordinated care reflects a profound commitment to patient welfare.

Something to be proud of in case management

Paul takes pride in establishing a culture of inclusivity, non-toxicity, and non-punitiveness within his team. By fostering an environment where mistakes are acknowledged and corrected collectively, he has cultivated a positive atmosphere that resonates with the team’s dedication to providing the best care experiences for patients.

Positively impacting patients

Paul’s impactful coordination of care is exemplified by tangible outcomes—a significant reduction in readmissions for patients he has successfully managed. By ensuring patients receive care in the appropriate lower level of care, Paul has made a concrete difference in their healthcare journeys.

Future aspirations

Recently promoted to the role of Care Management Director, Paul envisions creating programs directly addressing Social Determinants of Health and initiatives that contribute to decreasing readmissions to acute care settings. His forward-looking approach reflects a commitment to evolving healthcare practices for the better.

Operational insights

Sharing his wisdom with budding case managers, Paul emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s purpose in the role. Knowing the “why” behind being a case manager, he believes, keeps individuals grounded and focused on doing the right thing.

A seasoned case manager, Paul has learned never to judge patients’ situations. Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient’s experience, especially for the unhoused, uninsured, and underserved populations, has been a cornerstone of his approach to effective care.

Advocating for better patient care

Paul advocates for a more comprehensive approach to social determinants of health (SDoH), particularly addressing housing and food insecurities. His vision encompasses a future where governmental agencies take proactive steps in these crucial areas.

Expressing his desire to see more topics enhancing the value of case managers in the community, Paul’s vision aligns with a broader industry focus on recognizing and elevating the role of case managers.

Outside of case management

Paul enjoys singing karaoke, dancing, and shopping with family and friends in his spare time. Weekends are dedicated to mall visits and zoo and aquarium outings with his children and husband, creating a balance between his professional and personal life.

Closing thoughts

We celebrate #AidinCMspotlight awardee Paul Jeffrey Borja as part of the impressive case management field. In the words of Paul, “Case managers are the unsung heroes of healthcare, walking alongside patients throughout their journeys to recovery and wellness.” Paul’s story exemplifies the passion and dedication that define this noble and impactful profession. Our team at Aidin is proud to celebrate and stand behind case managers and Paul! Paul also has already nominated a colleague for a future #AidinCMspotlight award.