Our Plans

Join the Aidin care community for free today, or access a premium tier with advanced benefits and features.

Free Access Plan

We never charge for access to quality patient care. For our Free Access Plan, all you need is a fax number or an internet connection and email address to begin receiving referral requests sent from any Aidin partner. No registration required.

  • Fax, email, and text notifications
    Set your notification preferences to integrate new requests into your existing workflow.
  • Profile completion
    The Basic Access plan allows you to add your name, address, and contact information to complete your profile and start receiving referrals. Medicare providers need to upgrade to a Verified or Community plan to edit the details listed for Medicare-certified services.
  • Basic referral preferences
    Set clinical needs, service areas, and insurances to attract and secure the best referrals for your organization.
  • Reputation overview
    Earn performance badges for quality care and view every badge your profile has received to date.
  • My community view
    View all of your referral partners in one place and keep track of your current requests.

Community Plan

Start sending and receiving requests in one seamless platform. The Community Plan consolidates all of your workflows and communications, and unlocks access to detailed profiles and market insights to help you secure the best partners for your patients.

  • Complete community view
    See all providers nation-wide and get full profile views of all provider quality data, response rates, and patient reviews.
  • Inbound + outbound requests
    Send and receive referrals, documents, signatures, authorizations, transport, DME, and supply requests.
  • Free limited partner access
    Grant limited access to your care partners and seamlessly manage your communications within Aidin, even if your partner is fax, email, or text-based.
  • 3 Aidin Printer licenses
    Seamlessly upload and 'print' any documents directly and securely to your Aidin system.
  • 400 free outbound faxes
    Your first 400 outbound faxed pages per month are free, and additional faxes are auto charged at $0.11 per page.
  • Inbound fax tracking
    Connect your existing fax number or create a new line and funnel all your inbound referral and authorization fax communication with essential business partners.
  • Digital fax dashboard
    Optimize your responsiveness and integrate your fax line so that all inbound and outbound faxes land in your digital Aidin inbox.
  • Healthcare transactions
    Keep track of your patient documents and assign tasks to team members to efficiently manage all of your healthcare transactions.
  • Secure document sharing
    Quickly and securely share patient documents via text, fax, or online to new and existing partners.
  • Track patient documents
    Assign documents to the right patient to make it easy for staff to search, audit, and keep track of important care information.

Enterprise Plan

Join world-class health systems who trust Aidin as their enterprise communications solution. The Enterprise Plan gives you full bidirectional EMR integration, world class support, custom reporting capabilities and competitive analytics to help you make informed business decisions.

  • EMR integration
    Integrate with Epic, Cerner, Meditech and more to automatically populate patient census, payor info, demographic data, partner utilization and patient choice documentation.
  • Single sign-on
    Get one-click access to Aidin directly from your medical record with no user account or password required.
  • Enterprise security
    Secure and optimize compliance for all your sensitive communications with outside partners
  • Impact Act compliance
    Hold partners accountable for their outcomes and ensure that your Patient choice practices and choicelists comply with Impact Act regulations.
  • Command center
    Identify and prevent delays in real-time with a comprehensive Command Center that gives you a birds-eye-view of all of your referrals, auths, docs and at-risk flows.

Trusted by

  • Dr. Jeffery DiLisi - VHC

    Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

    “Aidin's innovative approach is helping us overcome one of the biggest barriers to being successful in risk-based reimbursement, improving care outside of our hospital.”
  • Linda Kulhanek

    Chief Financial Officer

    “Aidin helped us completely rethink our relationship with the post-acute market. By creating healthy auctions for each care transition we quickly achieved our financial and quality goals.”

Detailed plan comparison

  • Access

  • Verified

  • Community

  • Enterprise


One-time access

Access every request sent from any Aidin partner with a referral specific-code for one-time access. No registration required.

Lasting user identity access

Verify user identity with photo ID via Jumio integration once per year, and again as required based on risk and security requirements.

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Settings & profile

Basic Fax, email, & SMS notifications

Register up to 1 fax, 3 emails or 1 SMS notification with preferences to learn about requests however best fits into your workflow.

Advanced profile settings

Update your basic and advanced profile, with description, pictures, organization avatar, special accolades, specialties, special programs/services/features, visitation policy, clinical navigator.liaison name and contact info, partners / financial disclosures, link to CMS data webiste if available, speciality certifications.

Users & notifications

Basic profile

Name, address, and contact info. Please note: if you are a Medicare-connected provider, you must Claim and Verify to update basics for medicare registered locations.

Additional team members

Up to 5 users

Advanced referral settings

Filter insurances by referral source and sort by share of patients, configure zip code service areas, and exclude providers from results.

Reports & data

Basic referral preferences

Set clinical needs, service areas, & insurance.

Complex referral preferences

Set clinical needs, service area including zip code configuration, insurance and referral source designation, and exclude providers from results.


Access to reports; See all your patient reviews and submit outside verified patient contact info for aidin outreach to leave a review, readmissions data and Aidin patient satisfaction score details.



Data & statistics

Note: For Medicare cert providers, you can update your name and contact info real time.

My community view

See providers nation-wide in Aidin database, full profile views of all providers including quality data, # of referrals received, response rate, patient reviews.


Unlimited referrals

Unlimited referrals

Unlimited document/sign requests (inbox)

Refer a friend option



Print anything to Aidin to share anything you can print from your computer seamlessly and securely to Aidin.

Document reader

Included with My Inbox. Sorts inbound documents arriving from your Aidin Printers, fax lines and emails to assign them to patients, requests and more to help you quickly sort all your inbound communications.

Bidirectional EMR

Contact sales for more info


Contact sales for more info

ADT Feed

Contact sales for more info

CSV Upload - Coming Soon

Contact sales for more info

Frequently asked questions

How do I start responding to requests?

All Aidin Plans enable you to view and respond to inbound requests from existing Aidin partners. To respond to a specific request, you simply follow the directions on the fax and go to open.myAidin.com and enter the invitation code and your email address. No password required.

My invitation code expired. What do I do?

Requests in Aidin expire if you do not respond in a timely manner. Every request prominently displays how long the requestor will wait for a response. If you miss the response window, you can contact the source directly or sign up for a Verified Plan to see ‘organization’ level information and review any missed interactions.

What if I don’t like computers?

Aidin is fully functional over fax, email and text – so Aidin can seamlessly connect your organization with your care partners, even if you’re tech adverse.

How did Aidin get started?

We’re so glad you asked. Click here to learn more about our founding vision and leaders.

Let’s work together

New technology can be overwhelming for overworked teams. We’d love to show you how the Aidin platform can help you reduce LOS and readmissions, and create cost-saving efficiencies for your staff.