St. Luke's University Health Network

St. Luke's University Health Network

Partnering with Aidin to enhance patient care, reduce LOS and realize cost savings

  • Joanna Lucas, RN, BSN

    Vice-President, Care Management

    "Aidin helped us increase efficiency and reduce LOS while also making it easier to run reports to adjust processes and make improvements continuously.”
  • Quynh Hicks, M.S., MSW, LSW

    former Regional Director of Inpatient Care Management

    "We brought on Aidin because we knew we had inefficiencies in our care management workflow, but we didn’t have objective data to show where in that workflow things were going wrong and where things could be improved.”


St. Luke’s University Health Network is a fully integrated network based in Bethlehem, Pa. and one of Lehigh Valley’s largest healthcare systems. It provides services across 14 campuses and 300+ outpatient sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. St. Luke’s is the only Lehigh Valley-based healthcare system to earn Medicare’s five-star ratings for quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.


St. Luke’s was striving to improve inpatient bed capacity across its network. A primary objective was to improve patient care and increase bed capacity through better management of ALOS (average length of stay). Although St. Luke’s knew there were inefficiencies in their post-acute care (PAC) workflow process, they lacked the type of data that could help them pinpoint and address those inefficiencies. So, they sought an enhanced case management platform and referral management solution to empower them with the type of data that would enable them to optimize PAC transitions, reduce their ALOS, and increase the bed capacity in their network of hospitals.

Results at St. Luke's one year after switching to Aidin

LOS reduction*

Annual potential cost reduction*

Reduction in patient days

* Note: Amounts mentioned throughout this report for ALOS and cost saving are potential direct cost savings, noting that many factors contribute to these organizational metrics.

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