Our Story

Struggling with advancing Alzheimer's, my uncle was constantly moving from hospital beds to nursing home units and home health nurses. Choosing whom to trust with my uncle's well-being was difficult because the most important information was missing – who could offer him care, how did they perform, what did previous patients have to say?

Our story is not unique – thousands of hospitals across the country follow the same process to place patients into post-acute care. Yet the status quo isn't working well – today, 25% of patients fail within 30 days and are back in the hospital.

Aidin is different.

Aidin harnesses the power of the marketplace to drive volume to high-quality providers and redirect patients away from low performers. Aidin is helping hospitals across the country introduce the essential elements of a properly functioning market directly into their day-to-day operations.

At Aidin, we know that improving post-acute care starts in the hospital. Reach out to see how you can provide your team with the knowledge, process, and tools to keep up with healthcare reform. Do most of your patients choose the provider closest to home, or the provider most likely to get them back home?

Let us, help you, help them.

-Russ Graney