Our Story

My family was shocked that it took 17 phone calls, 5 faxes, and 3 extra days in the hospital to find post-acute care for my uncle. Struggling with advancing Alzheimer's, my uncle needed specialized care yet my family was hesitant to take him out of his home. We were incredibly grateful to the case managers and social workers that helped us through this process and shocked by how much work a single discharge required. So we built Aidin.

Aidin was created specifically for discharge planning professionals. Aidin integrates into the discharge planning workflow to free social workers from administrative tasks and re-center their time around patients. By automatically generating listings of available providers, Aidin eliminates phone calls and faxes and empowers patients with quality of care ratings and reviews to make decision-making quick, easy, and informed. Aidin works with hospitals to track patient experiences and outcomes to help case managers gain insight into which post-acute providers best serve specific health conditions.

My uncle's team of case managers and social workers did whatever it took to ensure his safe transition home. By committing ourselves to serving their needs, the Aidin team dedicates our work to the discharge planning professionals helping patients in hospitals across the country.

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-The Aidin Team