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Aidin’s reimagined referral process benefits both hospitals and post acute care providers

• 50% reduction in hospital staff time needed to complete post acute referrals
• Length of stay reduced by 30% for post acute discharges
• Increased visibility of referrals for post acute care providers

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Aidin empowers hospital leaders, patients and post acute providers with real-time quality and satisfaction data to make informed decisions.

• 90% of patients choose the best provider available when presented with relevant quality data
• Know who is the best post acute provider for specific patient populations and care interventions
• Compare and contrast post acute care providers in real-time

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Maximize your risk based reimbursement by engaging the right post acute care provider for your patient population.

• Use real-time performance data to manage and support your provider network
• Evaluate partnerships with post acute care providers based on both operational and outcome performance data

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