The ROI-driven platform for care transitions

We're helping hospitals and health systems nationwide reduce costs by as much as $7 million annually. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Create additional capacity

Streamline and structure your workflows to help case managers accomplish daily tasks faster and transition patients to trusted care providers.

  • Reduce length of stay

    Save time and make care transitions smoother by eliminating delays and waste in the patient choice process.

  • Manage staff assignments

    Create sustainable workflows with repeatable assignments, structured checklists, and innovative collaboration tools.

  • Address delays in real time

    Get alerts when responses are overdue and increase the visibility of at-risk tasks in your care pipeline.

Reduce your operational costs

Boost your bottom line and support your staff by removing routine roadblocks and time-consuming paperwork redundancies.

  • Empower team efficiency

    Defragment your case management process and ensure that your team is working at peak licensure.

  • Eliminate costly delays

    Expedite the payment process by addressing avoidable authorization and discharge disruptions.

Improve your patient outcomes

Reduce length-of-stay and readmissions by incentivizing speed and quality across the care continuum.

  • Prepare for value-based care

    Manage care-contingent payments and hold providers accountable for their performance.

  • Incentivize partner integrity

    Recognize and reward partners who consistently deliver quality care and positive patient outcomes.

  • Transform community care

    Revolutionize the care transition process and raise the standard of care for all by partnering with the best providers in your community.

Manage your daily workflows

Share patient records and centralize all of your authorizations, referrals, and requests in one effortless platform.

  • Organize patient documents

    Replace antiquated systems with a seamless digital platform that makes it easy to locate accurate data and patient information.

  • Simplify paperwork transfers

    Reduce manual hand-off errors with consolidated digital records, logs, and activity feeds.

  • Manage referral network

    Create custom networks of preferred providers to automate accurate referral distribution across staff.

Optimize your partner communication

Accommodate more requests and break the continuous phone-tag cycle by collaborating directly with partners through fax, text, and online.

  • Collaborate with partners

    Choose your preferred way to talk to payors, providers, clinics, and patients.

  • Send secure instant messages

    Add partners to your directory and quickly share information with patients and care providers.

Turn your data into valuable insights

Leverage your archives and get access to actionable analytics to see how your performance compares with other local providers.

  • Analyze staff productivity

    Identify areas for improvement with real-time data and comparative analysis of your team’s workflow.

  • Compare provider performance

    View all of your partnerships and generate objective, up-to-date performance reports.

  • Find marketplace opportunities

    Turn your patient and care data into strategic insights about how your organization can grow, innovate, and improve in your marketplace.

  • Marcia Colone

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center, VP of Care Coordination and Transition Management

    Aidin leverages untapped capacity in the post-acute provider space. Engaging in this open-market model has increased responsiveness from providers and allows for an even playing field.
  • Kathy Scott

    Chief Innovation Officer, ProHealth Care

    Aidin has prepared us for a future where more and more of our reimbursement will be tied to the outcomes outside of our hospital.
  • Jeffrey DiLisi

    SVP and CMO, Virginia Hospital Center

    Aidin’s innovative approach is helping us overcome one of the biggest barriers to being successful in risk-based reimbursement, improving care outside of our hospital.

Let’s change healthcare for good

Aidin gives your team the digital tools they need to connect patients and partners to the best care options in their communities.

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Become a leader in the healthcare industry by raising the bar for transparency and creating additional system capacity.

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Post-Acute Care Providers

Manage your referral resources, utilize market intelligence, and build trust with your partners, patients, and communities.

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Case Managers

Make it easier to keep track of your patients and transition them to the best care providers, while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance for staff members.

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