Watch Your
Reputation Grow.

Aidin helps you collaborate online with referral partners who are aligned with your goals.


Posting a Referral

Invite eligible service providers with the best reputation to securely review your patient's needs

Set a deadline for responses - and track each time someone views your referral

Request health plan authorization with one-click payor outreach

Email address required. That's it. No other integration needed to start


Receiving a Referral

Set your preferences to receive fax, email and/or text notifications when a referral matches your payor and service list

Securely access referral details to offer or authorize care

Guarantee patients review your offer if made before deadline

Earn your reputation by earning badges that show patients and referral sources your strengths


Patients Choosing

Empower patients with a real-time list of all authorized, in-network providers who committed before the deadline

Share printouts or online access to engage patients to choose wisely - and quickly

Let reputation speak for itself so patients choose your partners who consistently meet and exceed expectations

More Facts. Less Fax.

Care Managers chase down delays, referrals, faxes, phone tag, patient choice and payor auths every day. Aidin automates and optimizes all your care transition tasks to turn faxes into facts.


1. Why do patient transitions take so much effort?


Timing provider availability, payor auth, and patient choice with discharge is more like ballet than a two-step. Aidin's secure online platform comes with built-in workflows for everything from posting referrals, 'choicing' patients, reserving providers and securing auth - proven to speed up discharge.


2. How do I incentivize my partners to provide quality care?


If patients choose what's closest to home, where will your providers focus their energy? Are providers more or less focused on quality improvement after joining your preferred network? Aidin unleashes open competition and informed patient choice to help your providers build and thrive on their reputation.


3. What is your reputation?


Asking friends and searching the internet for healthcare recommendations is common practice for patients. Patients deserve better - and so do hard working provider groups and facilities. Aidin lets providers earn 'badges' that represent clinical and operational excellence that highlight their strengths to case managers and make transparent to patients how their available options compare.

Why Aidin works


Open Competition so your partners compete every day for every patient referral


Put Quality First so patients reward high quality providers with their choice


Create Accountability through real-time monitoring of your care transitions team

We place patients while you build your reputation.

Used by

Care Providers

  • Post referrals to providers, health plans and patients
  • Load and share secured patient records with deadlines for response
  • Request payor authorization and automate utilization review
  • Invite patients and families to review available authorized options
  • Create and embed care plans to track patient progress in next level of care
  • Track and compare outcomes for each transition and partner
  • Create network "rules" to highlight top-performing partners



Used by

Health Plans

  • Subscribe to stream pending managed care transitions
  • Review and authorize approved services and providers
  • Invite patients and families to review authorized providers
  • Embed care plans to track patient progress with selected provider
  • Track and compare outcomes for each transition and partner
  • Create network "rules" to highlight top-performing partners


Used by

Patients & Families

  • Access your case and track transition progress
  • Explore authorized care providers available to serve your needs
  • Compare provider reputations by their badges
  • Contact provider representatives before you choose
  • Choose care using personalized quality, satisfaction and cost data
  • Access your medical history and records

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