How Aidin works

Make care transitions work for you.

Healthcare transactions made simple.

Welcome to the world’s first healthcare hub where healthcare pros, providers & payers work collaboratively and digitally to streamline patient transitions & deliver the highest quality care possible.

In a few simple clicks, Aidin empowers healthcare teams across hospitals, clinics and payers to communicate seamlessly, streamline transitions and put the focus back on patients.

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Step 1: Post Your Case Management Task

Aidin is the central hub to get your case management problem solved - from looking for payer authorization to transitioning a patient to new care, to sharing patient information securely! Aidin makes each healthcare transaction easy, fast, and digital. Simply log into Aidin and immediately connect with a national network of health providers, payers, and patients.

Aidin takes your clinical document from any EMR and securely digitizes it to meet the highest HIPAA compliance standards making it easy for healthcare pros and patients to access case management records on computers or on-the-go smartphones. Requesting a signature? Transitioning a patient? Finding a specialist? Aidin handles that for you - in just a few clicks - plus, Aidin can support ADT feeds, too.

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Step 2: Find the Perfect Health Partners to Grow Your Business

From small family offices to renowned research hospitals, Aidin gathers healthcare pros together to solve patient problems. Digital patient records are shared securely & quickly between providers big & small.

Aidin is not only a vehicle to better serve patients and reduce length of stay, but also one to scale your health business & send & receive more referrals faster. In a competitive health landscape it can be difficult to distinguish your organization’s services - insurance coverage and location has dominated how and why patients choose their providers.

That’s why Aidin has developed a scoring system called Badges to rank providers based on attributes such as health outcomes, operational efficiency, and patient satisfaction. Gone are the days where Case Managers blindly pick providers for patients based solely on who is closest to home.

Our Badge system is where reputation matters - providers can let their good work be their good name, win more patients, and develop lasting relationships with hospitals in the community.

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Step 3: Receive Timely Response

Aidin reduces the length of stay by ensuring that each patient moves smoothly through the case management system. Response timers, overdue notices, and automatic reminders keep teams on track and patients on the road to wellness.

In one simple dashboard, Case Managers can see their priority tasks, find available providers, coordinate authorization, utilization review and more! Aidin eliminates paper-pushing and puts all your tasks into the palm of your hand. Faster discharges to better providers - that’s Aidin’s goal.

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Step 4: Give Patients The Power of Choice

Patients’ main objective is to find a provider they believe in. And, this very personal decision is often made from a shortlist of the 3 closest Doctors. Not anymore.

With Aidin, patients hold the power to choose the best possible match with the help of our Badges. When coupled with location info, pictures and verified Member reviews, Badges ensure families feel great about their decisions.

Badges also create ultimate accountability with providers. Word of mouth referrals are no longer enough. In Aidin’s healthcare hub, providers compete to become a patient’s choice, so they must practice good care everyday.

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Step 5: Connect With What’s Next

Aidin helps you put the care back in healthcare by tracking patient progress after their first transition. With the subtle nudge of automated reminders, and rewards for timeliness, providers are encouraged to keep patient histories up-to-date.

Every transaction hosted in Aidin generates valuable intel on staff, partners and payers. Empower yourself and your team with real-time stats on responsiveness, outcomes, and volumes. This invaluable data let’s you engage your up-and downstream partners in a real and reactive manner. Plus, you can earn a few Badges yourself!

Initiate a new health transaction today and enter the future of Healthcare.

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